A popular collectors item, vinyl records are regaining popularity. Vinyl was used to record music and sound before the industry moved to audio cassettes (tapes), and then later compact disks (CDs).

Original copies of vinyl records are of high value due to their rarity and complexity and can garner high prices at auction. For all you youngsters, “vinyl” refers to any resin formed by polymerizing vinyl compounds, or any of a group of plastics made from such resins. A photograph record is made from this.

These are the 10 highest priced albums today.

1. The Quarrymen – “That’ll Be The Day/ In Spite Of All The Danger” 

Estimated value: $150,000 – $300,000

The 1958 original copy of the song by McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, along with drummer Colin Hanton and pianist John Duff Lowe (the band members later on formed The Beatles) is valued at $150,000- $300,000, while its 1981 reproduction is valued at $15,600.

 2. The Five Sharps – “Stormy Weather”

Jubilee Records produced this 78 rpm single in 1952 as a limited release, the first and only record for the band. This rare record was made famous when Irv Rose had a copy of it in his New York City record stores in 1961. He borrowed it to play on his radio program and broke it, then offered a reward for its replacement to his listeners.

This sparked a nationwide search that made it one of the most prized doo-wop records. Many people searched for the next 15 years, yet only three copies showed up. One was chipped, one was cracked and one of them was in very good condition.

The one that was in good condition was valued at approximately $25,000.

3. Sex Pistols – “God Save The Queen/ No Feelings” 

Estimated value: $17,000 – $16,000

At a recent auction on eBay.com, a 35-year-old version of the record sold for $20,000. The version features the controversial song “God Save the Queen” and “No Feelings”.

4. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody/ I’m In Love With My Car” 

Estimated value: $7,000

An EMI in-house special edition of the single came with miscellaneous accessories including matches, a pen, a ticket, a menu, an outer card sleeve, a scarf and EMI goblets in a card box.

5. David Bowie – “Space Oddity/ Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud”

Estimated value: $4,700

According to NME.com, only 2-3 copies of the original are said to exist and are valued at approximately $4,700.

6. The Beatles – “Love Me Do/ PS I Love You” 

Estimated value: $300 to $4,750

“Love Me Do” was the first song to be released by The Beatles. It was released on October 5, 1962 with “P.S. I Love You” on EMI’s Parlophone label. Original copies of this record have been valued at $300 – $4,750.

7. Leaf Hound – “Growers Of Mushroom”

Estimated value: $7,000 – $10,000

“Growers of Mushroom” was the first album by British hard rock band Leaf Hound. The album reportedly took only 11 hours to record.

8. The Bread And Beer Band LP

Estimated value: $3,120

The Bread and Beer Band (1960) was composed of Elton John (who in those days was known as Reg Dwight). Other members included Caleb Quaye, Roger Pope, Lennox Jackson and Liza Strike. The album was never officially released but illegal copies of the recording have changed hands over the years.

 9. The Rolling Stones – “Their Satanic Majesties Request”

“Their Satanic Majesties Request” by The Rolling Stones was released on December 8, 1967. The original record came in a padded silk sleve, of which only two copies remain, according to NME.com.

10. Madonna – “Erotica” 12-inch picture disc

Estimated value: $3,000

 Copies of the rare 1992 original UK 12-inch picture disc by singer Madonna were withdrawn due to the controversy surrounding the infamous ‘toe-job’ imagery which was similar to a controversy in the British Royal family. Only 138 copies of the original remain.

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